Stainless Steel Mesh

The super-strong type 316 stainless steel mesh allows more than 150 inches of hourly rainfall to filter through to your gutter. Type 316 is molybdenum-bearing austenitic stainless steel which is more resistant to general corrosion and pitting/crevice corrosion than the conventional chromium nickel austenitic lower quality stainless steels such at types 302 and 304 or any other standard stainless steel alloys. The microscopic profile of this mesh is smooth, which means it won't catch small material and WON'T CLOG.

The 316 alloy offers higher creep, stress-to-rupture and tensile strength at elevated temperatures. It also resists attack of marine and corrosive industrial atmospheres which makes it an ideal component for Gutterglove gutter guards. Type 316 stainless steel alloy is widely used in the food, marine and medical industries. 

 Facts about Gutterglove Systems

  • Compatible with ALL roof types
  • Seamless gutters will never clog again, guaranteed 
  • Self cleaning, wind blows debris right off!
  • Possible Homeowner insurance discounts
  • Type 316 stainless steel mesh & anodized aluminum
  • ​Handles more than 150 inches of hourly rainfall 
  • Installs on ALL existing gutter types
  • Filters out seeds, pine needles, leaves, shingle grit, sand and dirt, GUARANTEED NOT to CLOG

  • 30 mesh" 90 holes per inch, type 316 stainless steel mesh. Widest mesh surface area of all our guards (3.5")
  • Our top of the line gutter-guard
  • ​Strongest gutter guard available anywhere
  • Hail Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • 25 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • 30 mesh" 90 holes per inch, type 316 stainless steel mesh 
  • Slightly lighter weight frame than pro, lower price
  • Our most popular gutter guard
  • Well priced, best value
  • Hail Resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • 15 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Perforated anodized aluminum channel frame and type 316 stainless steel mesh.
  • Melts snow, ice dams, icicles on guard & in gutter with Integrated self regulating heat cable
  • Optional heat sinks melt ice in gutter and spout 
  • 25 Year Manufacurers Warranty 
  • 30 mesh" 90 holes per inch, type 316 stainless steel mesh
  • Anodized aluminum edging screws to gutter lip
  • "V-Bend" design for strength (no support frame)
  • Most economically priced gutter guard
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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Check out the details of our top quality seamless gutters offered in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas below. We provide premier service on the installation of the Gutterglove gutter guard systems. Never clean your gutters again and keep your house exterior in top notch condition. Leave the work to us as we offer full services from gutter cleaning to installation of brand new gutters.

Seamless gutters prevent leakage as well as they require much less maintenance over time. Invest in one of the Gutterglove gutter guard systems today! We offer a few different types: Gutterglove Pro, Gutterglove Ultra, LeafBlaster, and Gutterglove Icebreaker